Lead Generation for Dentists

Why Do Dentists Need Lead Generation?

When you think about lead generation for dentists, you may be wondering how to easily produce quality leads in a short amount of time.

Though it’s extremely difficult to get overnight leads, the online search volume for the term ‘dentists’ is extremely high. This means that potential leads are out there and looking for you!

The number one reason that dentists need lead generation is that everyone either has a dentist or needs one.

If a customer needs a dentist, they likely will perform a search online or ask friends and family to recommend a dental practice. However, you can be ahead of the game if you put out ads that allow potential patients to find what they’re looking for without even asking.

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Strategies to Get Dentists More Leads

There are many strategies that your practice can implement to attract quality dental leads, and let’s face it, leads are super important in such a competitive industry!

1. Hire an SEO Company

SEO is one of the most effective tactics for dental lead generation, especially in such a competitive industry.

By hiring an SEO company for your practice’s website, your rankings in search results can improve. This will ultimately allow more potential patients to see your site.

You’ll also have accurate, clean coding and high-quality content on your website.

2. Include Videos

Since many people are scared of the dentist, your website and online marketing materials should assure them that the person with the light in their face knows what they’re doing.

By posting videos of your office and staff, as well as animated videos of basic procedures, you will help potential patients feel comfortable with their decision to choose your practice.

3. Educate your Leads

Plain and simple, patients want to know that you know your stuff.

To show them just that, publish educational content on your website and in your fliers that let people know you are an expert in your field. It could be something as simple as “how to properly brush your teeth,” or “what happens when we x-ray your mouth?”

This kind of information eases the minds of kids and parents alike, especially if they have fun illustrations.

4. Offer Helpful Information

Offering information that your patients want to know before they ask shows potential patients that your practice is transparent and communicates well with its patients.

When you offer information such as prices and the kinds of insurance you accept, you will ease patients’ minds before they even check into your practice. It also lets them know that you care about their experience and their peace of mind.

5. Create a Friendly Website and Office Space

One in five people are scared to go to the dentist.

It’s your job to make sure that patients feel comfortable when visiting your practice.

Surprisingly, your website and physical office space can have a lot to do with making patients feel comfortable. If your website has no photos and uses dark colors, you could scare away your leads.

Instead, use brighter colors and include photos of your office and staff that give potential patients an inside look at the friendliness of your practice.

Your office should also be decorated in a kid-friendly fashion since they are most often the ones kicking and screaming. But not always.

Tips for Dental Care Lead Generation

Here are some things to consider when generating great leads for your dental practice.

Drop Flyers where People need them

Consider dropping off flyers and pamphlets at local elementary schools to send home with the kids.

Doctors’ offices or pediatricians are other great locations to drop off your flyers because oftentimes, doctors will be the first to recommend you if their patients are looking for a dentist.

Consider the Opinions of your Loyal Patients

When visiting with a current patient, consider asking them to take a brief survey to outline how they found your practice and what they like about your services. consider asking questions like, “where have you seen us advertised?” or “how could we improve our advertisement?”

This will give you insight as to where you should advertise and how much money you should put into each of your different marketing efforts.

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Case Study

By improving its SEO, Legacy Dental was able to increase its website traffic by 145% in just two years.

After optimizing their website, their organic search increased by 169%.

Are you Ready to Gain Leads?

We have all the tools necessary to gain your dentistry practice all the leads it needs to be considered above the competition. Contact us below for more information on our dental lead generation services.

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