SEO for Lead Generation: How to Generate Leads with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways for you to attract new leads to your business online.
SEO is the process of improving your website to interest new visitors and convert them into paying customers.  SEO lead generation services are efficient, affordable, and modern. Why wouldn’t you want everything SEO has to offer?

Why should my company use SEO?

In today’s Internet-driven world, SEO is one of the most important parts of any accountbased marketing strategy. SEO has the potential to increase brand visibility, website traffic, and even conversions for your business.

What can SEO do for lead generation?

SEO management is invaluable to any website. Its main use is to help your website rank higher in Google search results so your potential customers can find information from you and buy from you more often. SEO helps you in the following areas:

organic search results

Appear in Organic Search Results

SEO’s primary purpose is to make sure search engines like Google can easily read, index, and display your website. By doing that, you can start showing up in valuable search results for your company — called “organic search results” — without paying for any advertising space. By ensuring that your website is optimized, you allow your site to appear higher in the search results naturally, beating your competitors.

Appeal to Target Audiences With Targeted Keywords

Keywords are one of the building blocks of SEO. It lets you discover the language your customers use to research your industry so you can appeal to them better and convert them more effectively.

For example, if you sell running shoes, you can target keywords like “men’s running shoes” and “women’s running shoes” to attract traffic.

Ideally, you want to find keywords that would only appeal to your customer demographic. Some of those keywords may not have a lot of searches — like “men’s size 9 marathon running shoe” — but they’re so specific that the person searching for that keyword is probably ready to buy. It is also important that your keywords are relevant to your business. If your customers want a specific service, but you don’t offer it, you shouldn’t target that keyword.

How do I use SEO?

For starters, SEO requires you to know how to use different elements of a website. In order to have great SEO, it is often necessary to optimize all of the different parts of your website. It may sound difficult, but we can help you every step of the way. Here are some SEO basics you can use to improve your website and generate more leads.

Helpful Content Marketing

Your site’s visitors like to know that you provide up-to-date information. Outdated content can turn your visitors away from your site, which means you may lose a potential customer to your competitors.

The most important part about content is that it helps your visitors. It should give them information about a topic that’s relevant to your industry and answers their questions. If you provide content that isn’t helpful to your potential customers, why would they want to visit your site?

Google also understands when your site is or isn’t helpful or relevant to visitors and takes that into consideration for your website.


Images, videos, audio clips, and other multimedia draw up to 12% more digital traffic in the long run. The more your visitors can get a visual of what you are explaining with the use of the previously mentioned multimedia, the more they will be engaged with your content. Content engagement means that your visitors will stay longer on the page which is one of the factors considered when Google ranks your website.

But search engines can’t actually “see” that multimedia. Instead, they rely on alt tags — short bits of HTML code — to interpret and understand these elements on a page. These tags work as the main optimization tactic for your website’s multimedia.

Mobile Optimization

Today, it’s essential that your website is compatible with mobile devices like smartphones. 80% of internet searchers use their smartphones, and search engines have made it a factor in search results.

Mobile optimization is just as important as desktop optimization because of the high amount of Internet traffic produced by smartphone usage. If a visitor lands on your site and it takes a long time to load, or is otherwise optimized poorly for mobile, 40% of visitors will leave your site and try to find another result.

mobile phone with multimedia

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