How Software Companies Can Generate Leads

Do Software Companies Need Lead Generation?

Whether your software company is large and established, or just starting out, lead generation is a technique that can bring qualified leads to your company.

Though gaining quality leads can be difficult, we can make it as easy as possible by providing you with the strategies and tools you need.

There are many individuals and even companies that don’t know they need your services. Lead generation helps you maintain a presence where your top prospects are searching online. And it allows you to provide them with the information they need to become paying customers. Your techniques will draw them in, and your content will send them on their way to conversion.

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Strategies to Gain Leads for your Software Company

Every plan needs a strategy. Otherwise, you won’t know where you’re starting or where you’re trying to get to.

If you start with a goal in mind, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to make it a reality. To help you begin your lead generation strategies, follow these best practices for marketing ideas for software companies.

Utilize SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help your software company in a variety of ways.

Not only does SEO consider the speed of your website and the quality of your content, but it also works behind the scenes to make sure that your coding is updated and accurate.

With all of these considerations, SEO for software companies also allows your page to soar higher in results pages, allowing more potential customers to see your site.

Be Active on Social Media

Starting an advertising campaign on a social media platform is one of the best ways to generate leads. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ads allow you to target your customers so that you have a better chance of appearing to an audience that is likely to convert.

Making sure to reply to comments and messages makes you an even stronger presence on social media and shows users that you care about your customers.

Know your Audience

The more specifics you have, the more you can tailor your lead generation techniques to your target audience.

For example, if you are pitching your services to a middle school that has 180 new laptop computers, you want to let them know that you know something about their district and that you provide services to computers and laptops.

It’s also crucial to know your audience so that you can target your potential leads and not waste time targeting an audience that doesn’t need your services.  It is just as important to create a good user experience for software companies as well, to show you are reliable.

Start a Conversation

Even though you might have stellar content on social media, sometimes you need to be the one to start a conversation with your potential clients.

One tactic would be to provide a survey to current customers. By asking for insight into how they found you and what services you provided them with, you will be even better equipped to tailor your communication techniques to attract new customers.

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Lead Generation Tips for Software Companies

Here are some things to consider while implementing lead generation techniques for your software company.

Acknowledge Technology’s Importance

Technology plays a huge role in today’s society.

That being said, software companies have some stiff competition. Lead generation can help gain visitors to your site, which can in turn, result in more conversions and revenue.

Don’t Forget Hidden Leads

Don’t forget about other niches and companies that might need software.

For example, consider doctors’ offices, colleges and places that have mass amounts of technology that would need your services.

Don’t Allow Difficulties to Ruin your Efforts

Don’t forget about other niches and companies that might need software.

For example, consider doctors’ offices, colleges and places that have mass amounts of technology that would need your services.

Software Companies Lead Generation Case Study

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In a specific case study, Firefish, a U.K.-based software company, saw a 335% increase in its overall website traffic and a 190% increase in its lead generation.

In a poll done by Marketing Sherpa in 2012, 94% of marketers found SEO increasingly important.

84% agreed that social media was also becoming more important.

Are you Ready to Generate Leads for your Software Company?

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