How To Learn From Your Competitors’ Digital Marketing Strategies

How To Learn From Your Competitors’ Digital Marketing Strategies

In order to fully understand who you are up against, it is crucial to look at your competitors’ sites. Turn to your competitors to find out strategies, what strategies they use, and how their audience responds.  

Paying attention to your competitors allows you to keep up with changes in your industry, and be one step ahead of your competition. 

Below, we’ll break down what parts of your competitors’ strategies you should pay the closest attention to. 

Identify Your Competitors

To make sure you’re able to compete with other businesses in your industry, you must have an idea of who your competitors are.  Identifying your competitors might seem simple, but with so many business models and variations today, it has gotten harder.  

Compare and contrast your business to others depending on your service areas.  Based on similarities, narrow down the list to five competitors, and start to analyze them.  

You should also look at the keywords they target with their content to see if their business is a true competitor of yours. From there, you can use the keywords they target to identify the keyword opportunities that you have missed.

Pay Attention to Their SEO Strategy

Pay attention to the content that your competitors offer, and what content receives the most attention.  Would that topic make sense for your business to capitalize on, would it be beneficial? 

Consequently, pay attention to the gaps in both your business and your competitors’ content.  There might be a topic or keywords that will be new, so look for the content gaps to implement first. 

Look to see where your competitors are ranking to understand just how competitive they will be and to better understand how their efforts have helped their rankings.  

What Makes Their Page User Friendly?

User Experience is very important when it comes to the internet. Pay attention to the design of sites, and listen to feedback about what works, and what doesn’t.  It is never a good idea to copy a competitor’s design but look at the tools and features they use to make the site easier to navigate. 

Watch Their Social Media

Lastly, keep up to date on the ever-changing social media platforms.  This is a great opportunity to be in the loop on changes with your competitors, observe what they are doing, and keep an eye out for new tips!  

Follow or turn on notifications for your competitors to be caught up in real-time.  Look to see what users are engaging with, and what they are liking, or not liking. 

Will You Learn From Your Competitors?

Digital marketing strategies are important in this day and age. Analyzing your competitors’ marketing strategies can help your business to grow faster and more efficiently.  Watching your competition can allow you to learn from their mistakes, learn from their successes, and keep up with industry changes.  

To better your business’s online presence, it is important to do what makes sense to you.  Never try something new just because a competitor is. Our advice would be to only try competitors’ tactics if it makes sense to your business, and has a chance to bring your business value. 

Let us keep an eye on your competitors for you. Start Lead Gen is a full-service marketing company that is eager to help.

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