4 Lead Generation Tools to Help You Get More Leads

4 Lead Generation Tools to Help You Get More Leads

Want to gain new leads for your business?

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of four of our favorite lead generation tools to help you generate qualified customers online!

1. Sales Genie

This paid service gives you access to over 250 million businesses’ and consumers’ information which allows you to pinpoint and contact your perfect audience.


This tool also offers cool features for your email and allows you to directly connect with your leads!

Sales genie also uses targeted lists to help you find new customers for your business.

It also uses data enhancement, which means that the info is always up-to-date. Even though this is a paid tool, you can start with 150 free leads!

2. Hoover’s

This is a paid program that, much like Sales Genie, provides you with contact information for potential leads.


This program is created especially for business contacts, which is a huge plus.

It also allows you to export all of your newly found contacts in an Excel file, which can make sifting through leads and sending emails exponentially easier.

Not only does Hoovers provide you with leads, but you can also target customers based on the criteria that you provide, making it easier to qualify potential leads. The filters that come with this tool allow you to do extreme targeting on your perfect customer. You start with 200 free leads!

3. Digioh

This paid service does far more than just help you acquire leads. It goes above and beyond.


First and foremost, it tells you a background story of how a specific person has been added to your email list. With that kind of insight, you will be able to better target your ideal customer.

It also gives you information about how subscribers found your website or by what method they entered your page. This helps tremendously with being able to tailor your pitch specifically to them. Digioh allows you to see patterns in audience habits so that you can change and tweak your process to better appeal to your target audience.

This tool also includes templates that set your website apart and make it even more appealing to potential leads.

4. InsideView

This tool is backed by some of the world’s largest companies such as Fujifilm, Adobe, and over 20,000 more.


Inside View offers a half-million technical profiles that reveal what technology your potential clients use. It all creates a prospect list of targets and offers a five-step plan to do it all.

This tool allows you to see a private network of connections between you, your colleagues and prospective customers.

What Do you Use?

Do you have a favorite lead generation tool? Do you use any of these programs? Let us know in the comments below!

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